The entrepreneurial spirit and the will to continue the wide spectrum projects lead the exploitation to the subsequent diversification of its own investments, creating around this first nucleus of production a secondary motor activity: the pressing of oily seeds.

Agricola Utvinis immediately set as its primary objective the development of the production and sale of vegetable oils and cakes, specializing in the purely mechanical process of seed stripping, the so-called "cold pressing", which excludes any additive or treatment intervention. chemical of the raw material.

Cow Farm

Today, the farm has a herd of 1300 animals, of which about 500 cows are lactating. The average daily milk production is around 35 liters per animal.


One of the main activities of the farm is the cultivation of own lands and of third party tenants, for a total area of about 1000 hectares.

Oil Press

Production and sale of vegetable oils and cakes, specialized in the purely mechanical process of peeling the seeds, the so-called "cold pressing".

Milk Factory

The dairy factory offers the market transversal solutions: from the supply of raw materials to the packaging and distribution of branded products to third parties.

Recommended Products

Our Strenghts

Agricola Utvinis has always been attentive and up to date on the legal provisions in hygienic-sanitary matters; for this, an own HACCP manual (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) has been written in which all the processing processes or special conditions of bacterial contamination of the product are analyzed and the process is described by which the risk factors are essentially reduced to zero.

It also obtained the IFS certification, today the fundamental requirement to ascertain the conformity of the exploitation relative to the requirements of legality and food safety.

The competitive advantage of our organization and, especially, the extreme flexibility of the production capacity that allows us to always be ready to meet all the requirements of our customers, guaranteeing products with high quality standards in a short time.